Iain Ellis - About the Author

Iain joined British Rail in 1988, working as Technical Officer in the Permanent Way Design Section at Watford.

Always a Relayer, Iain was involved in the glory days of Intercity, developing more efficient and less disruptive renewal methods, innovative plant solutions as well as maintaining a close liaison with the Electrification staff.

A natural progression of promotion, higher grade duty and a move meant that he was in Preston at privatisation, identified with Central Track Renewals.

Having been involved in the estimating and bidding process, Manchester Victoria Area Infrastructure Renewals (MVAIR) was the newly renamed Centrac's first big job and Iain was there as Responsible Engineer for Permanent Way.


Delivered to time, successfully, and nearly within budget, MVAIR was where Iain started gaining his knowledge of civil engineering, signalling and railway operations.

After the project handed back Iain left Centrac to broaden his horizons with Mott MacDonald.

Iain now leads a team of PWay designers in a large multi-discipline design office in Manchester, which has grown from one (Iain) in 1999 to 50+ today.

The collection of information never stops, and Iain now teaches graduate engineers all those things he has learned in his 26 years, gives speeches on design integration and writes papers on the subject.

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